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Project and Purpose

This e-Learning Site is meant to be a Basic Textbook of Magnetic Resonance Imaging – the nuts and bolts; no more, no less. Readers should be able to ac­quire a fundamental knowledge which enables them to pursue studies of their own and to cope with some of the most common problems of the technology.

Mission Statement

The editor, the co-authors, and the involved institutions – the European Mag­ne­tic Resonance Forum and The Round Table Foundation – aim to publish high- quality teaching material. Our goal is to promote honest and knowledgeable in­for­mation of real significance; for this reason, we are committed to peer review and editorial independence.

The Textbook

This is the ninth edition of  Magnetic Resonance in Medicine – and its third e-Learning edition. It has been revised, enlarged, and adapted for e-Learning. Read more about this thirty-year-old project in the Foreword. Some reviews of earlier editions have been collected on this page.

Earlier editions have been translated into Chinese, French, Ger­man, Italian, Ja­panese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. For the time being, the on- line edition will be available in English only. Spanish and Chinese versions are being prepared and will be published in 2016. Our French, German, Italian, Per­sian and Russian domains will carry the latest English version until the pro­per lan­gua­ge versions will have been developed and im­ple­mented.

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inkpot In retrospect, five years into the project:
An expensive dilemma: Tablets versus textbooks.
A comment.

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This is a free-access learning and teaching site – not a copy&paste site. Please read the terms of use, legal information, and other conditions carefully.

© Copyright 2016 of the entire site by The Round Table Foundation (TRTF).

An illegal version of the second Russian edition was published on the internet by Scripd, a US- American pirate platform for stolen copyrighted works (Ринк-МРТ-в-медицине).

Citation Rule

Rinck P. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. The Basic Textbook of the European Magnetic Resonance Forum. 9th edition; 2016. Electronic version 9, published 1 March 2016.

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