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Vector: a quantity having both magnitude and direction, frequently represented by an arrow whose length is proportional to the magnitude.

Velocity: (blood) flow per area: cm3 × s-1 × cm-2.

Volume imaging: imaging techniques in which NMR signals are gathered from the whole object volume to be imaged at once, with appropriate encoding sequences. Many sequential plane imaging techniques can be generalized to volume imaging, at least in principle. Advantages include potential improvement in signal-to-noise ratio by including signal from the whole volume at once; disadvantages include a bigger computational task for image reconstruction and longer image acquisition times (although the entire volume can be imaged from the one set of data) (→ Simultaneous volume imaging).

VOSY: volume spectroscopy (→ Localized spectroscopy).

Voxel: volume element; the element of 3-D space corresponding to a pixel, for a given slice thickness.

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